Optimized access to information

for a serene flight experience.

There are many procedures to know for a pilot

Check lists: before starting, rolling, engine tests, before alignment…

Knowing them all is difficult. The pilot has to focus on reading and risks losing sight of his environment. While “Visual Flight rules” involves seeing and avoiding.

Flights could be dangerous in the event of incidents, especially if the pilot is alone.

Our solution: a virtual flight assistant

A conversational assistant that understands the pilot, assists him during

the flight and guides him in case of an emergency.

Controllable by voice

Understands users intuitively


real-time data

Extended functionalities of our intelligent assistant

Aircraft Flight Manual

Question it by voice

Check lists and aircraft procedures

Vocal, hands-free guidance and interactions

Query the voice assistant during the flight

As well as in case of an emergency

An intelligent assistant to guide you

During the flight

“Give me the speed and engine settings in cruise flight“

AI answers: “Cruises 65%, VI 118 knots , Engine power, 400 revolutions / minutes, 0 degre shutters.”

During procedures

“Remind me the procedure to approach descent…”

AI answers: “Speed 80 knots, engine power 1600 rpm, panes 10°.”

In an emergency

“There is an alternator failure, what’s the emergency procedure?”

AI answers: “Avionics contact on Off, Alternator, battery on Off.Then Alternator battery to On. If the light remains on, put all the elements not essential for the flight to Off, and land on the nearest ground.”

The benefits


The pilot remains focused on the aircraft operations, Assistance in the event of an emergency or technical problem.


Easier access to procedures,

Reduces pilot workload, 

Serene flight experience.


Understands users and data by MEANING

Understands the most complex queries

Gathers all the information needed for the flight

Flight manual, check lists and emergency procedures.

The characteristic of a custom voice assistant

Natural Language Processing

Enables intelligent understanding of users and data

Unified Voice Interface

Allows access to all content (100% brandable and customizable)

Matching by MEANING

Allows infinitely more efficient searches than via keywords or programmed intents.

Multilingual understanding

Finds the right answers regardless of language* 

*Available: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese. Additional languages on request.

Non-disruptive integration for manufacturers

Easy integration as API or embedded system

Integration into the on-board system (tablet or phone application), or into the on-board computer (glass cockpit). Integration possible on any infrastructure (cloud or on-premise).

Integration of
multi-source content

Supports all data: audio, video, text…

regardless of format or infrastructure).

Security and compliance guaranteed

Your data is never exposed. The system uses a vector view, almost impossible to decipher. 100% compliant (GDPR, CCPA, DPA) from end to end,

today and tomorrow.

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