the Aviation Industry with GAFAMs-free AI

What we do

We convert your AI Vision into reality.

We do it by applying State-of-the-Art, GAFAMs-free AI technologies to your ideas and processes.

We create value from your data / knowledge assets. Without operational disruption.

AI Development across industries



Advanced AI made simple (and cost-effective)

We convert your AI Vision into a reality by applying our intelligence and experience in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. We work with businesses of all sizes to build AI products from consulting to development, user training and maintenance. We are a team of Data Scientists, AI analysts, Designers, Full-stack developers and Software Architects.

Video Insights

Enhance the efficiency of your business operations by extracting actionable insights and data from live and offline video frames with unique computer vision technologies.

Knowledge Applications

Take advantage of meaning-based Natural Language Processing to create multilingual, GAFAMs-free AI applications that understand users, customers and any kind of data, structured or not.

Voice Enablement

Add voice control to anything hardware and/or software with Speech Recognition (multilingual, 100% embeddable) combined with meaning-based Natural Language Processing.

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Harper Stinson provides deployment-ready AI solutions

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